Welcome to Advantage Steel Truss, Inc.

Quality, Service and Dependability

Our goal is to provide the best quality, service and dependability with a complete truss package. Not to just satisfy each customer with products, but to have them say "Wow" when dealing with some part of our products or services. Since repeat projects are seldom, we know to have repeat customers means to "Wow" them on each project.

With Incorporation in 2002, we soon discovered that not just steel truss packages, which include trusses, engineered truss drawings, truss to structure connections, truss to truss connections and both temporary & permanent bracing material were needed. Also having qualified folks to install them was needed. Advantage Steel Truss, Inc. teamed up with several truss installation companies across the southeast United States to complete the package.

Curt V. Burlingame, owner of Advantage Steel Truss, named Entrepreneur of the Year by SCORE of Suwannee Valley. Click Here